Friday, July 25, 2014

Where do you go to meet People?

People often ask me where do you go to meet people? This is a good question. One answer is that you could go out the bars on a Friday or Saturday night, get all dolled up and just maybe you will meet someone with whom you have a connection with. The other possibility is that you get an online dating account. Maybe the third is that you use your friends as a network to meet other available and single people. Maybe they fall into your lap and wham you never have to do anything.
                      All of the preceding are ways in which to meet people that seem to be sanctioned by popular/conventional culture. However, one of the things that I have learned is that people are everywhere. Yep, people you want to meet are all around you. The next best question then is well I just cannot walk over and start talking with someone I do not even know? My answer: Why not? The typical answer is that well they will think I am crazy, weird, creepy, stalker, etc. My response is that is okay let people think anything they like about you.
                         In short is better to be out there meeting people you come into contact with in daily life and if it happens that you are rejected than to be hung up on someone calling or texting them a thousand times a day. So get out there and meet people!

                          When you get out there and are meeting people you begin to learn the signs that your approach or curiosity is welcomed or not. Just get off your butt and practice! Have fun! As long as you are not saying anything that could be construed as criminal than I would not worry about it. You are just a person who is interested in meeting that special someone whoever that maybe. We are all pulling for you!!!!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

We are all just lonely smucks

We are all just lonely people trying to get by, doing this or doing that. In the end we are all desperate and craving basic things of lust. This crosses all ages and manner of men, women, races and what have you. We are pretty much the same. Sure someone may have a bigger house than you, more money in the bank, more girls or guys on the side than you but in the end you are a lonely person walking this earth. Life is so, so, so short. But we need be more than just nothing. So when it comes to meeting that someone, I just do not know what to say. Sure you can go to some blog and guru that is going to say that you should do this or say that or act like that. However I am going to say that there is some things you are going to figure out until you just stop caring and just start living. Living. Be bold make a mistake or two, get out there and say something. Make a comment to some stranger chances are nothing is going to happen but then in this wide world you never ever know.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Being Real in Minnesota

Minnesota is for all purposes the most passive aggressive place in the all the Union. People here never ever tell you what they think or want. When someone does tell you what they think we Minnesotans by and large cannot handle it and freak out. It is the sad course of life here in Minnesota. We want to hear sweet little lies of crap. When you are real in this state you will find that you will get a lot crap for instance with chicks you will have her all hating you yet at the same time she getting all hot and bothered.  It is sad yet it is all so true to the core.

             You tell people what you want or what you think of them and they cannot handle it on any level. These people are for the most part fakes and do every thing in life not because they want to, but because they have a desire to fit in. Who cares if you do not fit in or get kicked out of a places you like the go, you should not stop being a real man or woman with personality.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Go For what you want!!!!!!!!

Have some goals in life and strive to meet them! Who cares if you never meet them just as long as you are working towards some goal then you are doing what you must do to try to succeed in this harsh world called planet earth.

              For instant i know a guy who is successful in money but wants to have a woman love him and he is now embracing the long  road of working towards meeting his goals of not being so geeky and trying to work up the courage of meeting the ladies. That is half his battle not to say the other half is going to be easy but that he is starting to tackling his geeky nature and go for the things he wants.

    Here are some ideas for success

               1. Go for what you want despite what all your detractors might  think.

               2. Be True to your core

               3. Embrace the harshness of this life and be not afraid of the things coming your way.

               4. Be not afraid to fail and laid up and facing scorn for good or worse going for what you want more times than you can count.

              5. Have Fun!!!!!

              6. Think and learn to find out how to improve your game

              7. Love the journey more than the outcome

              8. Be honest with yourself.

              9. Be ready for the unexpected

             10. Base off of rule number 9, you should understand history and realize that history is all about weird turn of events and that man who is in one moment on the ropes can if he hangs around long enough on the offensive and wailing and going for victory against his foe.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Are Women hit on all of the time in Minneapolis?

Are women hit on all of the time in Minneapolis? . So here is an interesting fact. Yes people in this city never

ever approach any body. Especially if you are a lily white guy you are probably not going to be approaching

women in this state and thus a lot of women are frustrated here especially if they are looking for some vanilla


      After loads of observations of People in Minneapolis especially in the Uptown Area the coolest area in

the whole State. People never ever interact with people out of their own group. You can see the hottest

chick and next to them could be a good looking guy and he will not say anything to them. So there is your

 answer. Nobody in this state talks to people we do not know unless we have to.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rules for Flirting

BE open to conversation.

Be willing to take Chances

Who the Fuck Cares what others may think

Flirting is fun!!!!!!

Flirting is the spice of life!!!!

Learn how to keep it lite but yet go deep to the other persons core


Tuesday, November 27, 2012


              Have you ever been on the bus after a long hard days work at the office, running the store for an

honest or some maybe a not so honest days work and then there she is standing there like a vision of beauty

as if you had Helen of Troy. Then you are feeling electricity shooting through your body and your manhood

getting harder by the second as you are also having a rush of emotions and thoughts flying through your mind.

Some are good and are others are not so good. Part of you is thinking about what it would be like to have

her in bed with you devouring her and she the same to you; however other thoughts are turned to the crazy

and the absurd, such as a babe that hot must have a husband, boyfriend also the most striking to the heart is

a gorgeous babe like that does not want to go out with me, I mean who am I. I am a smock, a flop with

chickssince 1966. Then comes to your mind the thought of what am I going to say and also there are all of

thesepeople here and man they are all going to think I am weird and crazy for approaching her.
             What do you do? How to you react and push threw the raging hormones of your mind and body?

How do you cope with yourself and just get of the courage to walk over to her and say hello? To make

matters wore you are now in a state of limbo and silliness runs over your being. You are not sure how to

proceed. But you notice also that none of the other men on the bus are even staring or for that matter

looking at her.

 They are all zombies just glad that they are done with another day of sitting in an office cubicle going home

to have diner and hang with a dame like that. Or maybe they have been there and done that with a girl like

that and for some reason they want more. You proceed with all of your thoughts as the bus slowly makes its

way from the downtown where all the people work to the uptown while you are contemplating your next

move. You are hoping that she is going to get off the bus at your stop and or relatively close to your stop

 then there you are going to make a move on her and sweep her off of her feet. Instead what is required is

not a for sure solution but just a simple hello. a comment or two and in that short exchange you will find out

if there is any thing there or not for the two of you two proceed further and blossom into something more.